"How selfish am I?"

By Cathy Bixler

I’ve been thinking about serving at Rooftop for some time now.  I’ve attended church here for about 18 months and enjoyed Sunday mornings without contributing much time or thought.

On Sunday at the church’s Serving Fair, I loved the opportunity to see all the ministries in one place and learn about the work being done behind the scenes.  I dutifully signed up for quite a few, unsure if I could really follow through with each one.

The thought occurred to me on the drive home that we in America, maybe suburbia in particular, are spoiled and lazy for the most part.  I’m very guilty of it.  For example, my first thought when I signed up to volunteer was “How am I going to find time for all of this?”.

Yes, I have legitimate concerns about my family and getting things done at home.  But what am I really going to give up?  A favorite TV show?  Spending time on the computer? 

Then I thought about the people that may benefit from my time – people that are hungry, not just because they missed a meal, but struggling to buy food in lieu of paying other bills.  People without homes, people new to the country that need support, people going through a crisis in their lives.  How selfish am I to think of my precious time?

The truth is that I will most likely benefit from volunteering more than those I will serve.  This will be my chance to let others see God in me, to see some light, to believe life is worth living and to make things better.  I suddenly became inspired to take on whatever comes and do what is necessary to further my walk in Christ.

Mother Teresa said it best when she said, "In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."

I’m looking forward to serving!

Cathy Bixler is a wife, mother of a special-needs daughter and attends Rooftop regularly.  She has worked in the IT field for 30+ years, is an avid fan of the Cardinals and loves all kinds of music.