We're moving. Now let's build for the future.


Goal: $150,000 | Time line: One Year

We at Rooftop Church are called to a single purpose: To make followers of Christ, who make followers of Christ, who make followers of Christ. We have a plan to do just that. GO. GROW. SOW.  

Our last capital campaign raised about $300,000, which helped us buy a new building. Now we’re ready to GO. But we need to fill it with people and stuff to help us GROW. We need chairs, signs, comfy sofas, a projector, speakers, marketing, and more church staff, just to name a few things. Each is a tool to help draw in visitors and teach them about Jesus. But it all costs money. That’s why we need you to join the Building Forward Capital Campaign.

Why Give?  Help us Build Forward towards the future.

Praise God, we bought a building. Now comes the next step. We’ve got to fill it - with people and stuff. We need to buy a sign for passersby to notice. We need stations where visitors checkin their kids. We need chairs in which guests can sit. We need more staff to support our growing church. 

We want to make the new building a fun, casual and comfortable space where people want to spend time  getting to know one another and Jesus. The plan is to Go. Grow. Sow. Now we need your help to grow. 

Who Should Give? Anyone. Everyone.

You should give to the Building Forward campaign if:

• Rooftop is your church home.
• Rooftop is your potential church home. 
• You believe in Rooftop’s purpose to make followers of Christ.
• Your kids will grow up in this church.
• You will grow in this church.
• You want to see more St. Louisians find Jesus in
• You want to bring friends and family to Rooftop.

How Much? That’s between you and God.

Give what you have decided in your heart to give, without compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. II Corinthians 9:7

We believe that God desires to do great things through Rooftop, and although God doesn’t need our money, He wants our hearts. When we’re able to give up and sacrifice something as valuable as money for God, it is an act of worship that we believe God will honor. 

What Else? A few answers to your FAQs

Our budget is tight. Any ideas on where I can find some money?

Yes. Perhaps you can delay a major expense, such as a vacation, new car, etc. Or think of things you can give up from your current budget...such as cable, lowering your cell phone plans, not dining out as often, etc. Have a garage sale or sell something on eBay or Craigslist, babysit, or mow a lawn. We would be happy to discuss with you additional ways to help you contribute.

Can I allocate some of my regular offering to the capital campaign?

No. It is important that people continue to tithe regularly to Rooftop. (We recommend giving 10 percent to your home church). In fact, for all sorts of complicated banking reasons, Rooftop is worse off if you divert your general fund tithe and designate it to the capital campaign.

Is my pledge confidential?

Yes. Only the Rooftop Treasury Team and Next Steps Coordinator will have access to your pledge amounts unless you specify otherwise. However, we would encourage you to check the “Hold Me Accountable” box on your pledge card and thereby give permission to have a staff member or elder follow up with you if you get behind on your pledges.