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What's So Special About Christmas Eve?

Each year we bake cookies, light candles, unwrap presents and gorge ourselves on big meals on Christmas Eve. But why is the day and night before the BIG holiday important? We don't celebrate Easter Eve or Thanksgiving Eve. What should we do the night before we celebrate Jesus' birth. Find out this Christmas Eve at Rooftop Church. We'll host three identical services that day and night - 9 am, 10:45 am and 5:30 pm. We'll have children's classes in the morning only. Invite friends and family to celebrate with us misfits. Ugly Christmas sweaters encouraged, but not required.


Nov. 29 – The Gift of the Spirit
Dec. 6 – The Gift of Salvation
Dec. 13 – The Gift of Wisdom
Dec. 20 – The Gift of Pain
Dec. 24 – The Gift of Jesus (Christmas Eve)