God calls the church a "body."

It means we are all connected and dependent on one another — much like a body relies on all its parts to function well. We would love to help you become a part of our church body, should you desire.  

The first step towards this is to join us on Sunday mornings.  Then you need to look for ADDITIONAL opportunities to connect and invest in the lives of other people.

Here are a few ways we try to help make that happen:

Small Groups are smaller communities (6-12 people) that meet weekly with the purpose of building community, studying God’s Word, and doing life together.  They usually meet in someone's home during the week and are the life-blood of our church.  

Supper Clubs are monthly dinners hosted by Rooftoppers where the your whole family can connect in a casual setting to other families. They meet monthly.

Rooftop has a variety of ministries designed to meet the specific needs of those people they serve (Men's, Women's, etc.). Whether you are looking to meet new people, serve the local church or grow as a follower of Christ, we want to help you connect to one of these.

Events - Rooftop’s calendar is always full. Ground Floor Events are open to everyone and a great place to check out the church. See the calendar and details about our upcoming events.

Serve - Sign up to serve on Sunday morning or during the week. Serving along side someone is the best way to get to know them all the while you give back. We have opportunities to serve within the church or outside in the community.