Our servant leaders.

The Apostle Paul addresses the matter of deacons in his instructions to Timothy when he tells the young pastor to establish elders and deacons in the church.  While the elders were generally to teach, shepherd and pastor the church community, the deacons were called to serve the church in more practical ways. These responsibilities are never explicitly spelled out in Scripture, but seem to include feeding the poor, supporting the work of the ministry, and modeling the Christian life to the community.

In the same way, deacons are to be worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain. They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience. They must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons.
— 1 Timothy 3:8-10

 In a more modern setting, while responsibilities are fluid and the language isn’t always the same as that in the New Testament, the basic division of church responsibilities—between elders and deacons—remains.  Elders function as spiritual leaders within a church.  Deacons function as servant leaders. 

Rooftop has two types of deacons: small group leaders and ministry team leaders.  Small group leaders are called to lead others in the building of servant communities, and ministry team leaders are called to lead others in the execution of vital ministries within the life of Rooftop.  All persons interested in serving in those roles must be approved as deacons by the elders. For more information about our Deacon Team or becomeing a deacon, fill out this form.

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