Is He Risen?

The resurrection of Jesus is the central truth of Christianity.  It’s what God’s people celebrate every Easter.  Without it, Christianity doesn’t make any sense.  As the Bible says, “If Christ has not been raised, our faith is useless.”

But did the resurrection really happen?  How would we know?  People don’t generally rise from the dead.  Why are we supposed to believe that this one man did?


At Rooftop, we think it’s okay to ask that question.  It’s even okay to doubt the resurrection!  The resurrection of Jesus is an audacious claim.  It’s okay to be skeptical, to ask questions, and to be confused.  Some of the greatest heroes of the faith had their own doubts!

But there are good reasons to believe that Jesus really did rise from the dead.  And while it’s admittedly hard to believe, God wants us to believe so that we can enjoy the hope of the resurrection, that one day we too will rise from the grave!

Join us at Rooftop on Easter as we ask the question, “Is He Risen?”  Maybe you’re a skeptic, maybe you’re a believer.  But it’s still a question worth asking.