Elder Team Nominees

At our semi-annualState of the Roof meeting on October 27, 2017, the Voting Roster will have the chance to vote on possible additions to the Rooftop Elder Team, as required by the Rooftop bylaws.  The following brochure includes brief bios of the elder candidates, along with some frequently asked questions regarding eldership at Rooftop.

Candidates nominated for election (or re-election) to the Elder Team are Blake Ahrens and Greg Cook for election to a 2-year term and Mark Kamil, for re-election to a 2-year term.

Blake Ahrens

Ahrens Family[26603].jpg

Name, Age:   Blake Ahrens, 40

Years at Rooftop:  12 (From the beginning, save four years in the middle when we lived in Central Illinois)

Family:     Married to my superstar wife, Gerilyn, for twenty years.  Three biological children (Andrew 14, Alyssa 12, & Jessica 10).  Nine foster children including two year old Clair for the past year. 

Occupation:  Middle manager at an insurance company

Roles at Rooftop over the years:  Currently, I’m on the greeting and cleaning teams. I just finished up helping out with Financial Peace University.  I attend a great small group and am a fairly regular participant in the Mexico mission trips.  Previously, I’ve served a couple of stints on the elder team, led small groups,  capital campaigns and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Spiritual gifts:  Wisdom/discernment, leadership

How I became a follower of Christ:  I gave my life to Christ at a youth group weekend retreat my sophomore year of high school.  My grandfather had died shortly before and a speaker gave a talk around the campfire about heaven.  I remember just staring into the flames and crying, not really knowing what was going on inside me, but knowing I wanted to go to heaven.  A friend talked me through accepting Jesus and I’ve never been the same.

What do I love about Rooftop?    Two things always stand out.  The community and the authenticity.  The two really go together.  Rooftop is a place where you can find people to love, and people to be loved by, just as you are.

What's a concern I have for Rooftop?  Volunteers and general busyness.  Life is super busy for everybody.  Yet Rooftop runs on volunteer power.  The limitations on where we go in the future will have much more to do with our volunteer resources more than staff, space or financial resources.

Two personal heroes:  My dad.  My As I get older, I appreciate so much more the sacrifices my dad made for my family growing up.  Until I had kids of my own, I never understood what he had done for us. 

My grandmother is another hero.  Life brought her an awful lot of lemons, but her joy in the Lord overcame them all.  I knew that for my entire life while she was physically and mentally capable, I had been prayed for before I even woke up that day.  I can only aspire to her faith.

Other things people should know about me: I’ve been doing church with Matt, Jason and a handful of other Rooftoppers for over 20 years.  It’s family to me.  I’m very passionate about the potential of Rooftop to reach St. Louis.

 If you want to talk more to me, contact me at:  314-623-1373 andBlakeahrens@gmail.com

Greg Cook

Cook Family.jpg

Name, Age:   Greg Cook, 37

Years at Rooftop:  12

Family:  Elizabeth, Maggie (9), Elliott (7), Cecilia (2)

Occupation:  Attorney

Roles at Rooftop over the years:  Missions leader, Rooftots volunteer, Mexico Mission Trip volunteer, small group leader, Sound/Projection Deacon

Spiritual gifts:  Mercy and service.

How I became a follower of Christ:  I grew up in the church.  I honestly don’t have a recollection of when I first asked Christ into my life.  I do recall “re-committing my life” one summer in college when working at a Christian summer camp (Mountain T.O.P.). 

What do I love about Rooftop?    I love the community at Rooftop.  For many years, Elizabeth and I didn’t have any family in St. Louis.  Our small group members and fellow Rooftoppers became our family.  We relied on Rooftoppers for support during some of our most difficult and dark times.  We also celebrated our greatest achievements (our three children) with Rooftoppers. 

What's a concern I have for Rooftop?  I pray that the momentum and growth Rooftop has experienced over the last twelve months continues and we are able to continue to make followers of Christ, who make followers of Christ.

Two personal heroes:  Abe Lincoln and my grandfather, Carlton Apple. 

Other things people should know about me:  Our family lives in Webster Groves where our two oldest kids attend Bristol Elementary.  Elizabeth stays at home with Cecilia and also teaches piano lessons.  Both Elizabeth and I grew up in Indiana (different parts of the state) and are avid Indiana University basketball fans.

 If you want to talk more to me, contact me at:  gcook@mvplaw.com or 314-374-3610

Mark Kamil


Mark Kamil has been following Jesus at Rooftop for more than 10 years. He’s led small groups, the men’s ministry, and the service team. He has cut the grass as part of the lawn crew and served as treasurer with the Affton Christian Food pantry, a partner ministry. His spiritual gifts are hospitality, shepherding, giving and encouragement. Most of his professional career has been in commercial lending. He enjoys reading, sports, music and craft beer. Mark and his wife, Jennifer, have two sons, Gavin and Elijah. mark@rooftop.org