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Worship Leadership Track

HOW CHURCHES CAN USE MOBILE TECHNOLOGY TO EXPAND THEIR REACH AND SHARE THE GOSPEL Effective worship leaders understand that they are called not only to lead in worship, but to also lead in prayer. This teaching reveals an often overlooked yet transformational biblical connection between worship and prayer. When that connection is embraced and implemented both in structure and function, your church can take its worship life and prayer life to a whole new level.

This class will help worship leaders approach worship ministry from a pastoral perspective rather than a purely musical perspective.

We often speak about corporate worship as an experience that focuses on what we do for God. Yet, I wonder: Have we reckoned with the extent to which God forms us and our congregations through worship. In this workshop we will: look at the scriptural foundations and theology of transformation though the way of the Cross in worship, and we will survey some tangible practices and approaches that we can use in worship to facilitate Christlike transformation.

How’s the health of your team? Does it resemble a family when you come together, or look more like a work place? If Jesus demonstrated one thing to us in His ministry, it was that it’s important to invest in the people you do ministry with. In this session we will talk about the most important piece of your ministry, the people. We’ll discuss what it takes to create a culture where a God centered team can grow.

You can typically spot an addict simply from their incredible gift for denial. We know from 2 Corinthians 12 that an addiction can be one of God’s greatest gifts, but often addicts develop a severe blind spot to the thorn in their flesh, denying them access to this promise. We’ll talk about how to identify behaviors and discern between addictions and compulsive behaviors. We’ll also cover how to bring these behaviors to the light, and what to do with the mess.

One of the greatest things about being a Christian is that you are indelibly linked to the ultimate Creative Genius of all. As you read the Bible, it doesn't take long to discover that God is a creative mastermind. The first five words of the Bible are "In the beginning God created." But how do you develop and lead a thriving community of creative artists in your church or ministry? In this session, we will uncover the roadblocks and accelerators for developing a creative culture and build a strategy for an energetic, thriving creative community.

In the grip of serious numerical decline, American Evangelical churches are now experiencing a missional movement. God is calling his people to return to a biblical lifestyle that goes full circle in continual worship, discipleship, and missions. Mark Powers connects the dots between these three main elements of authentic Christian living. He presents a theology of missional worship, a detailed discipleship plan, and a strategy for local music missions.

Our most valuable resource as worship leaders is people. Greatness in people is often hidden, so how do we identify and cultivate it? What does greatness look like? This teaching focuses on how to increase your sensitivity to the potential leaders God places in your path and how to honor them into the fullness of their future.

We could all answer the following questions in our sleep, but are there basics that we may need to unlearn or question so that we can be more effective? I think yes. So giddy up…let’s explore these together! -What’s our role? Who’s our audience? Are we creating good “church goers” who know the drill or are we creating true worshippers of the one and only Jesus the Christ?

This session provides a practical, theological, historical, and philosophical study of Jesus as our Great High Priest and Worship Leader. Learn why and how Jesus Christ is the apex and summit of God's revelation, central to our worship, sufficiently prepared to serve as our own personal high priest, and passionate in accepting his responsibility to lead worship.

It happens. Sometimes it’s constructive, but unfortunately, sometimes it can be destructive. We all experience it and it will never go away. In this class we will talk about criticism, be encouragers to one another, and find some ways to lead and love our churches through it.

Having a full band, a stage, a sound system, lights, video support, a budget and a lot of voices is one thing, but what do you do when it's just you and a handful of people in a living room?In this workshop, findhelpful tools for effectively leading othersinto the presence of Jesus when all is stripped away and you simply come.

The focus of this workshop will be on leading youth into an authentic worship experience that will go beyond the moment to see worship become a movement in their lives. Phil Joel and wife Heather will be sharing from the pool of knowledge they have accumulated over 20 years in full time music ministry. They will be emphasizing the vital importance of deliberately nurturing our personal relationships with The Lord, in order to see true ministry happen. Since his 13 year tenure with Newsboys, Phil and wife Heather have been busy working on ministry focused projects such as the launch of 'deliberateKids', a brand of high energy kids music, 3 Phil Joel solo albums and the worship band 'Zealand' of which Phil is the frontman have recently signed with Word Entertainment and are slatted for release later this year on Word Worship.

Vance and Michelle Shepherd are the founders of Shepherd Studios of Las Vegas, NV, where they run a worship music teaching facility called The Shepherd School of Music.  This minstry is centered on their passion of teaching kids the art of praise and worship, and assembling youth worship bands that have opportunities to lead at various churches around the Las Vegas valley.  Vance and Michelle consider this to be an amazing ministry that the Lord has blessed them with, and woud like to see this model of teaching in other cities around the country.  Join this workshop and learn how to be an effective teacher and mentor, and how to encourage, motivate, and raise up the youth in your church to the high calling of worship.

Contemporary worship has traditionally been a man's world but these days, more women than ever are stepping up as inspiring and effective worship leaders. Yet because of this tradition, there are countless challenges, prejudices and obstacles that a female worshipper will face that distract you from your passion for worship. But there is also huge potential in what you can offer your church family BECAUSE you are a woman whom God has decided to use for His glory. Don't miss this discussion-driven workshop to not only find the practical and spiritual solutions you're looking for, but also to engage in a unique and encouraging time with other female worship leaders from around the country. All ladies who worship from the platform are welcome!

This session deals with the five basic principles necessary for empowering your worship team to lead formational, transformational, relational, missional, and reproducible worship. This is a very practical and common sense approach to building disciples through worship.

What does it mean to die to self? What does it mean to be authentic, truly authentic, not church-speak “authentic”? We’ll discuss what image management means and how it slowly deteriorates a worship team from the inside out. We’ll discuss Lucifer’s mistake, and how he deceives us into following in his footsteps.

77% of churches are under 200 in size. That means the majority of worship leaders are serving in churches that lack resources, musicians and time to plan. Join Jimi Williams from Worship Together, for a fun and interactive workshop discussing practical ideas and strategies for winning in a small ministry.

Worship Planning Track

Effective worship leaders understand that they are called not only to lead in worship, but also to lead in prayer. This teaching reveals an often overlooked yet transformational biblical connection between worship and prayer. When that connection is embraced and implemented both in structure and function, your church can take its worship life and prayer life to a whole new level.

We'll review the Church Copyright License and SongSelect, learn how the Rehearsal License makes it easy and affordable come practice time, how the Streaming License provides the most inexpensive permission for streaming your worship service, and how the Church Video License provides the permission needed for churches to legally show videos.

Dwayne Gates has dedicated his life to helping churches create atmospheres that are pertinent to todays culture. This class will help worship leaders know how to relate to the demographic of the area surrounding their church, adjust their worship center to become a destination for new believers, and allow the church to flourish in the cities in which God has placed them. You are guaranteed to leave feeling encouraged and refreshed after this class.

Paul Herman of CCLI leads this interactive workshop that will simplify the key areas of the copyright law that affect the church (and you!). Through presentation, questions and answers, you will learn about the copyright issues you need to be aware of and how to be in compliance legally and ethically.

Join us for a fun, unique and "out-of-the-box" workshop that will not only help you personally as a creative leader, but will also put tools into your hands to help build community and oneness of spirit within your creative teams.  Melinda uses interactive improvisation games that will help you learn how to tap into your intuition and trust your natural creative instincts, enhance your creative-thinking, improve your brainstorming abilities, give you better decision-making skills, increase your confidence, improve listening and observation proficiency and decrease your fear of taking risks. Be prepared to laugh and have fun while being challenged and surprised!

Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Online gives you one centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and files at any time. This class will cover basic and advanced functionality to make sure you are getting the most of your Planning Center subscription.

How do you maintain unity, vision, heart and culture across the many campuses of a multi-site church? With several different worship teams at various venues, how do you gain any sense of community within the worship culture of your church? In this session, we will navigate through the various challenges and rewards of multi-site worship and together discover a strategy for developing a strong, unifying and rewarding model of multi-site worship.

In the 21st century effective communication typically engages the mind and the heart through a powerful combination of words, imagery, and music. But evangelicals often neglect visual aspects of worship in favor of music and the spoken word. This workshop offers biblical principles and sound practices for lifting up worshipers’ eyes to the risen Lord.

For years we have all tried to make sure everything in a service sends the same message. Videos, songs and sermon. Have you found that your congregation is singing less and less? Ya me too. Come hear about a new way to plan and pick songs that will get your congregation singing again and make your band tighter by limiting your song catalog and ending the search for songs that fit a theme.

In this workshop designed to offer a practical approach to worship services, you'll enjoy Word Worship artist Meredith Andrews' passionate love for God and enthusiasm for leading the church in worship. Meredith will explore with us one of the approaches she and her worship team practice, taking God's people on the journey into His presence.

A biblical and practical mandate for unified congregational worship.  A well-researched, systematic approach for joining splintered worship expressions and services into a single conhesive worship experience will be presented.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Development

As worship leaders, we always strive to be open and available to those that we are leading in worship- especially to our team members.  While God knows our hearts, He also knows that 24/7 ministry can lead to complete exhaustion- both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  In this seminar, we will take a look at what God says about boundaries- what they are, how to set them, and most importantly, how to stick to them.

Are you riding the thin edge right now between going and just quitting? Perhaps you are flirting with something you know is wrong but you just don't know how to stop the spiral. Are you just a mask of your real self because you're so afraid to show who you really are for fear of what people will think? Have you become bitter towards your work at the church? You are probably burning out or very close to it. This will be a real life, in your face talk about how to avoid it and if you're in it, how to get out of it.

Having a full band, a stage, a sound system, lights, video support, a budget and a lot of voices is one thing, but what do you do when it’s just you and a hand full of people in a living room? In this workshop, find helpful tools for effectively leading others into the presence of Jesus “when all is stripped away and you simply come.”

Move your communication from common and boring to UNFORGETTABLE. What would it be like if the pastor was clear, the worship team was dialed in and the focus was simple? Learn how to get an entire team on the same page! This is a special breakout featuring comedian, author and speaker, Kenn Kington. The workshop will feature the highlights of the ASCEND Communication working seminar.

We all know what worship looks like on a Sunday morning, but have you ever wondered what’s going on behind what you see? Do you know the power that our worship carries? Have you ever wondered why the musicians led the army into battle in the Old Testament, or why the walls of Jericho fell after the Israelites released a sound? In this workshop, we will look behind the veil and discover the unseen role of worship and the immense power it carries. We’ll also learn something quite profound from the elephant.

How do I know if this is where God wants me and this is what God wants me to be doing.

As worship leaders, our lives can easily begin to revolve around our duties on and in preparation for Sunday. It can be easy to forget that we are called to worship God in every aspect of our lives 24/7/365. This workshop will explore the practical yet powerful ways that we can consistently cultivate the presence of God in our day to day lives and ensure that what we do in public is an overflow of what we do in private.

Worship Technical / Production

A primer on in ear monitoring and personal mixers. Why do they offer so many advantages to the worship team and the congregation?  There are some very helpful things to know to make for a smooth transition and we will demonstrate all of them.

We will explore and discuss a variety of no-cost or low-cost methods for improving the sound in a typical house of worship setting. One key to improved sound is in reducing stage volume. Topics will include how to deal with overbearing drum volume, electric guitar amplifiers, and more. We will discuss drum shields, cages, electronic drums, and guitar modeling devices. Another key is strategic use of in-ear monitors or personal monitor mixers. We will discuss the simplest headphone amps to the most complex personal mixers available. A wide range of options available for controlling stage levels will be explored.

There are over 2.5 million smartphone and tablet devices sold each day and people spend more than 2 hours per day using apps.  So how does the church respond?  Through this workshop, you will learn about Subsplash's mobile technology and how churches are engaging new audiences, expanding their reach, and adding value through customized apps.  In 2009, Subsplash developed The Church App, an app platform that enables churches and ministries to create their own customoized mobile apps.  Today, there are over 10 milion end users using Subsplash church apps.

In today’s tech savvy world it’s not a matter of whether you will be live streaming your worship services, but when. was developed to provide a low cost, high quality streaming platform for churches of all sizes. We will discuss the basic concepts of live streaming, equipment and bandwidth requirements, hardware and software setup and configuration, live recording, and embedding players in your own web site. We will also cover adaptive bitrate streaming and what to look for when selecting a streaming vendor. We will conclude with an open forum to answer questions and discuss your specific needs.

A thorough demonstration of how Presonus digital mixers, loudspeakers and all of the included apps and software solve a plethora of problems associated with small to mid-sized churches staffed by volunteers.

Is social media effective for a church or worship team? It can be, but but in most cases it most likely isn't. The shocking reality is that most churches probably know that their Facebook page isn't producing anything of real value. This class will give you the tools to effectively work with your team using social media. Learn how to build community and consistent communication using Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and much more. From posting your set list to creating a private group for your team, we will cover it.

We're going to step through some very simple things that you may or may not know that will have a positive impact on your worship mix. This is for worship leaders and techs.

Using loops, MultiTracks, and click tracks in worship can be intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. In this workshop, you will learn practical ways to implement them into your worship service this weekend! We will build a worship set together from scratch and you wil leave the room feeling confident that you can do this at YOUR church! Learn from Ableton certified trainer Matt McCoy, found of

This class takes a broad approach and it has info for the novice as well as more advanced software users who are looking to refine their live performance skills. Bring your computers and we'll pass out a MultiTrack to everyone in the class and we'll show you how to build a custom set in Ableton Live that you could use this Sunday. We'll also show you the latest in gear and apps for running MultiTracks including the new free app "Playback."


Learning how to sing harmony is within your reach. Learn how to teach others harmony as well. We’ll teach basic harmony structures and how to grow your own ability to find the ‘perfect’ harmony for you and for your group. In addition, we’ll discuss how to create and use improvisation techniques effectively.

We'll take a look at some of the things that impede progress for a typical worship team and give you some tips on how to overcome them. I'll show you some ways to improve your rehearsal strategies, get a better blend, grow your ability to work together as a group and provide a better overall worship experience for you and your congregation.

In this session, we will look at the singer as an athlete.  Nutrition, hydration and sleep, along with appropriate warm-ups, good techniques and vocal maintenance all play a part in the overall health of a singer.  You will gain a greater understanding of breathing and how traditional breathing techniques may actually have an adverse effect on good technique for contemporary singing.  We will also debunk vocal health myths and discuss how to avoid potentially traumatic voice production.

The human voice is incredibly dynamic.  Singers are free to explore their voice beyond traditional training techniques and voice classifications.  In this session, we will talk about the voice in terms of tone and nuance, and the corresponding impact on the listener.  We will discuss how to use your voice efffectively to engage an audience and create a worship environment that lends iteself to an experience with God.

Kari Jobe does it. Israel Houghton does it. Matt Redman does it. It's called vocal improvisation. You's the part of the song that the worship leader seems to make up as he goes along. Is this skill reserved for only the extremely talented worship leader or is it accessible to anyone? In this interactive workshop we will explore the technical and spiritual aspects of vocal improvisation that will get you singing "a new song".

Worship Musicians/Bands

Vance Shepherd has been a professional concert and recording artist for over 3 decades, performing and recording with such greats as Edgar Winter, Mark Slaughter, Buddy Miles and Billy Cox (formerly of Jimi Hendrix) and many more.  He is known for his blazing signature solos and keyboard textures that have taken this instument to a whole new realm.  Do you feel stagnant in your playing?  Are you lacking inspritation in your keyboard parts?  Do you want to musically add more to your worship team or band? Do you want to play with extreme passion?  Join Vance up close in this unique workshop as he shares his signature solo techniques and how to apply aggressive rock keyboard to praise music.  He will also share concepts on layering sounds, chord voicings, and dymanic Hammond B3 techniques.

We'll discuss concepts, techniques and guidelines for turning it up to "11" in your worship experience. From a guy who loves to play loud.

Worship guitar players and worship leaders, come see how to best incorporate the Short Cut Capo onto your worship platform.  We'll look at how best to use it to your advantage.  Whether you're a begining/intermediate guitar player or the leader who communicates arrangesments, find out how it can be a blessing in your ministry.


Why is writing congregational worship such a challenge? We are writing for a multi-denominational, five generational, cross-cultural family of believers - Come learn how to help a diverse body of believers Lift One Voice as One Bride to One King in unifying celebration of the One worthy of it all.

Excitement about new songs God has birthed can give way to confusion about how to get them heard by publishers and used by other churches. This class explores the mechanics and methods of publishing songs for the Church. Ample time allowed for Q&A on worship music publishing and recording.

Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, industry artists, and major publishers the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a CD with five hard copies.  There are 4 separate Listening Panel sessions to choose from.

Features a critique of Jason's song "Taste and See" around 23:15.

One great historian said “ Let me write the songs for a nation and I can determine the history of that nation” Why are new songs important in our modern church culture? We will use the book of Habakkuk as an outline to look at a biblical songwriting model This workshop will look at: Songwriting from a biblical perspective. How songs are utilized in the biblical narrative. The importance of songs through the history of the church. The importance of writing songs that are theologically correct.

Editing. Sorting. Grouping. Reshaping. Learn the art of crafting large passages of scripture into parts of song; maintaining scriptural intent, context, an accuracy; and memorizing the Truth of God as a congregation.

Writing a song is part inspiration and part information. The more information you have about the craft of songwriting, the better you will be prepared when inspiration comes along. This workshop will focus on the following: The process of writing a well constructed song. How to get the process started. How to keep the process going. When is a song complete? What to do once a song is complete. Exercises that keep the process of songwriting flowing.

Join Essential Worship/Provident worship artists Vertical Church Band including Meredith Andrews, Jon, Guerra, Andi Rozier, Jacob Sooter as they discuss how they write songs for their church as a team and individually. They will also share a couple of their favorites and have Q & A.

Combining worship,discipleship and music to develop new songs and songwriters from your praise team group and congregation.

Choir and Vocal Teams

Are you looking for some creative technical tools to enhance your choir rehearsal experience? Using a Mac Computer and some pretty creative apps, Ken will show you how to move your choir rehearsal along in an effective, efficient manner using some of the latest programs available.

Practical ways to pastor those that God has placed in your worship ministry. Lead in discussion that will generate more ideas from participants…

Some practical tools and resources for you as the leader and the choir members you lead. Because it’s true: they really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Helping your ministry transition from a traditional special-music-presentation approach to a worship-leading-choir approach