Committing to the church

The Rooftop Fourth Floor includes those people who are committed to Rooftop as their church home.  We believe it’s an important program because the best way to experience the grace and power of Christ is in the context of a commitment to a healthy church.  Besides which, Scripture teaches us to be as committed to the church as we would to a family: “Be devoted to one another out of brotherly love” (Rom. 12:10).

In order for the Fourth Floor to mean what it should, the Rooftop staff and elders conduct a “biannual recommitment,” during which Rooftoppers review their fourth-floor commitment.  It’s our best effort to review what it means to be committed to a local church as the Bible describes.

So what does it mean to be committed to Rooftop?  It means to be actively committed to the Big Six values of Rooftop as a follower of Christ:

Teaching — Learning who God is and how to live our lives.   To value teaching is to study the Bible, listen to sermons, follow Rooftop’s Statement of Faith, and generally live life according to how God says we should, in Scripture.

Worship — Giving God all the devotion and honor He deserves.  To value worship means to come to church, to praise God with singing, to tithe God’s money back to him, and to live a life of devotion to Jesus, who rules over all.

Evangelism — Sharing God’s love with others.  To value evangelism means to invite people to church, to talk about Jesus to others, to reach out to people who are different from us, to attend our Ground Floor events which are focused on reaching un-churched people, and to care about others who don’t know Jesus.

Community — Living together as God’s family.  To value community, which is sometimes called our “2nd Floor”, means to get to know others at church, to talk about your struggles, to work out conflict like Jesus says, and to live as a member of God’s family—not an isolated Christian.

Service — Prioritizing the needs of others.  To value service, which is often called our “3rd Floor”, means to use your talents to serve the church, to help others when they need it, to serve and give to the poor. We do this by joining at least one serving team here at Rooftop.

Prayer — Asking God to do what we can’t do.  To value prayer means to pray for your church leaders, to lay hands on the sick, to expect miracles from God, and to ask God’s Spirit to give us strength and wisdom to do his work. 

And it also means other, more specific things.  It means…

  • Attend semi-annual State of the Roof (SOTR) meetings where we discuss important business of the church, and be an active member on the Rooftop Voting Roster which allows you to vote on leaders, church finances, and other matters that are addressed at the SOTR meetings.
  •  Attending church-wide, Ground-Floor events, which helps greatly in our efforts to reach out to visitors and un-churched people checking out Rooftop who attend these events and need our help to feel welcome and to get connected.
  • Speaking with the church elders about disagreements or conflicts you have with the church in accordance with Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 18.
  • And should life, work or the Holy Spirit lead you elsewhere, committing to leaving the church in an honorable way.  This is accomplished by talking to the elders first, and discussing any issues that may be contributing to a desire to leave Rooftop.