Sharing love with the unhoused and those looking for hope.

That's the mission of Rooftop Church's Homeless Outreach. We want to bring dignity and compassion to people in St. Louis who have found themselves unhoused,  struggling, and losing hope.    Join the team every other Monday or every other Thursday. Our focus is on building relationships, community, and helping our unhoused friends on their faith journey. We pray with, encourage, and share some donations with those God puts in our path.

Homeless Outreach Director, Justin Stone is excited for those who have built relationships as part of this current homeless outreach team. 

"God really blessed our growing ministry in 2017. The team has increased and as a result we have blessed many unhoused friends in the St. Louis region. We have made a number of in-roads in the community, and have grown in our advocacy for the unhoused. God has blessed our connections with other ministries, as we begin to utilize each ministries resource pool for different components of the outreach that we do weekly. This keeps us from serving over the top of each other on a regular basis and wasting precious resources. God has encouraged us to breathe into one-on-one relationships and build community with our friends, which is often missing, but really is vital in this type of outreach. Times can be hard for our unhoused friends, and they really appreciate the encouragement and support. We are amazed at how God has supported our little ministry with so many wonderful Rooftop family members who support us on a weekly basis. Prayer, service, and some donations enable us to build relationship and for that we give all praise and glory to God."

Rooftop's Outreach Team meets, at minimum, twice a month on a Monday nights, and twice a month on Thursday nights. In addition to that, we connect with our homeless friends on Sunday mornings by bringing those that are interested to Rooftop for service. Stayed tuned for some exciting updates and follow Rooftop on Facebook - God is doing some really awesome things in the lives of our unhoused friends!

Want to get involved with Rooftop's Homeless Outreach Ministry? Contact us here.

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How to Get Involved:

"Mission Monday"  & "Purpose Thursday"  Outreach - Join us every other Monday and Thursday from 5:45 -9:00 pm as we seek to build relationships, community, and distribute donations in the downtown St. Louis area. We car pool from Rooftop at 5:45 pm. Call Justin or email to RSVP.

Ongoing Donation Collection - Donate new or gently used items to help support the ministry. Drop items in the wire bin in Rooftop's Lobby. Keep in mind our needs are seasonal for our unhoused friends and our storage options are limited.

Email for more information or a list of current needs for the ministry.