An Intimate Gathering of Women & God


Friday, Feb. 9 - Saturday, Feb. 10

Rooftop Women will join others around the world as part of the 2018 IF:GATHERING live-stream event. This year women will open their homes across St. Louis for smaller, intimate gatherings. 

Together we will study Paul’s last letter to Timothy as he reminded him, and all of us, that we were given a spirit of power and love and self-control and NOT a spirit of fear. Check out this video as IF:GATHERING founder Jennie Allen explains the vision for this year’s gathering. You don’t want to miss this!

How to Register:

Rooftoppers are hosting small gatherings across the St. Louis area. See those listed below with instructions for how to register for each site. Because sites are small, it is possible they will fill up before we have a chance to update the information here; if you are unable to find a Rooftop-hosted site to attend, please let us know.

Most sites will host on Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon; start times may vary slightly, and each site will have its own plans for food and other details. Click the registration links below (or contact the host listed) to get more information about each site's individual plans.

The cost is “give what you can”, and you will have the opportunity to donate when registering. The recommended donation is $25.

Questions? Email Tenley McHarg.

IF:Rooftop Sites

IF:Rooftop South County
Hosted by Miriam Rich
5626 Duchesne Parque Dr, 63128
Click here to register

IF:Rooftop Maryland Heights
Hosted by Polly Whitchurch
11954 Glenvalley Dr, 63043
This site has limited spots available; please contact Polly to see if registration is still open.

IF:Rooftop Youth (for high school girls)
Hosted by Kathie Muller
9217 Gravois Rd, 63123
Please contact Kathie to register. All high school girls welcome!

IF:Rooftop Church
Hosted by Tenley McHarg
9217 Gravois Rd, 63123
Click here to register

IF:Rooftop Crestwood
Hosted by Cassie Rickard & Stefanie Byrd
9448 Trillium Dr, 63126

This site has been combined with the IF:Rooftop Church site.
If you have already registered here, just come to Rooftop Church instead (address above)!

IF:Rooftop Affton
Hosted by Lauren Meadows
9128 Dana Ave, 63123

Registration for this site is full!

IF:Rooftop Arnold
Hosted by Beth Moore & Ashley Willis
2024 During Dr, 63010

Registration for this site is full!

IF:Rooftop Oakville
Hosted by Niki Wulff & Julie Elder
310 Cliff Cave Rd, 63129

Registration for this site is full!