Invite Tool Box

Most people are open to attending a church, but the number one reason they don’t come: no one invites them.

Our desire is to see you invite your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to a Sunday service or Christmas Eve so they can see what Rooftop is all about. Then maybe they can meet who we're all about - Jesus. Rooftop has set a goal to get 400 people to a Christmas Eve service. Join us in that challenge. 

We have complied a number of online and in-person tools to help you invite others to Rooftop. Check back each week this December for a new invitation.  Use them. It might just change a life!

Week One: 

Forward the email or PDF flier from the "Not Sold in Stores" December sermon series to a friend or family member.

Week Two:

It's Facebook week! Share our sermon artwork and make sure to tag the friends you want to see it. Ask them to check out Rooftop on Christmas Eve.