We're all about Jesus here.

We are his church and are busy doing his work. 

Why?  What’s the big deal with Jesus?

Well, we believe Jesus is the unique Son of God and has been given authority by God the Father to rule over the universe.  We also believe he came to earth as a man to teach people how to live, and to die for their sins.  We believe he rose from the dead by the power of the Spirit to show us that death is not the end.  We believe he started this movement called “the Church” and that he leads us by his Spirit and wisdom.

A guy like that can’t be ignored.  This is why Rooftop exists and why we do the work we do.  We are eager to introduce people to Jesus the way we know him, and the way he knows us.

At Rooftop you’ll hear a lot of talk about “the gospel.”

The gospel means “good news,” and we believe the gospel is very, very good news.  Hearing the good news is pretty important when we usually only hear bad news about earthquakes, wars, and corruption.  We think the good news is great, but also that the bad news is even worse than you think.

What’s the bad news?

The bad news is that God created us all to live wonderful lives of harmony, joy and peace, but that we’ve screwed it all up.  We chose war instead of peace.  We chose hate instead of love.  We chose lust instead of love.  Sure we’re not all bad, but even criminals who aren’t all bad are still criminals.  As a result of our crimes against each other and God, we’ve got to suffer the consequences of our lives.  According to Jesus, the consequence of our crimes is jail-time in hell.  We were created to live in heaven but because we’re such criminals, are destined for hell.

Here’s the good news, though.

God loves us enough to give us freedom to live our lives as we choose, but he also loves us enough to give us a chance to get out of jail.  He came to earth as a man to die for our crimes.  His death was counted as our punishment.  If we accept it and follow him, not only do we avoid prison but we get to enjoy heaven forever.

The good news doesn’t stop there. 

Even here on earth, Jesus makes himself available to us.  We don’t have to wait to heaven to meet him.  We get to meet him at church, in prayer, and in Scripture.  With the help of his people, we can become the people God always had in mind for us to be. We’re given a purpose in life that God has tailored just to our gifts and passions

So there’s a lot of bad news in the world.  There will be until the world ends.  But the good news is better than the bad news is bad.  If you have questions about the good news, or even the bad news, we’d love to talk to you.  That’s what we do at Rooftop.

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