What:  An opportunity to serve via manual labor at the new building.  We will be moving pews, emptying rooms, and possibly doing light demolition work.  When the serving is done, we’re going to play in the empty new building.  We’re renting guns (fake ones) and will be turning our building into a full laser tag course.

When:  Saturday, June 11. Labor:  6 pm – 8 pm Lasers: 8 pm-10 pm.  It’s possible to come for just one or the other, but we’d really like you to make both. 

Who:  Adults of all stripes and genders. And kids middle school and older are welcome to play as well.

Where:  New church building, 9217 Gravois Road

Why:  Fellowship, fun and frankly, work that needs done.  Plus, how many opportunities do you get to play laser tag in a church?

How Much:  $25 per person, or whatever you can afford,  for the laser tag

What to bring:  A pair of gloves and maybe a cordless drill.  And sniping skills.  Definitely bring your sniping skills.

RSVP to blake@rooftop.org