Building homes for the homeless.

A team of Rooftoppers in 2002 traveled to Reynosa, Mexico to build a home for a poor family who lived next to the city dump. The house was humble - just four plywood walls and a tin roof lifted off the dirt ground on cinder blocks. But it quickly became a home when Armando and his wife, Margarita, filled it with children. Rooftoppers have returned to Reynosa every year since showing God's love for the people there with their time, labor and gifts. They have built more than 20 homes and shared Jesus with hundreds of Mexican adults and children. 

The trip is sponsored through the ministry of Strategic Alliance. Twice a year (in March and December) team members raise hundreds in support to cover their travel, food, supplies and household items to give to the Mexican families. If you would like to join the next team, contact Steve Schrage or fill out the form below for more information.

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