Students growing together

At Rooftop, we know that Middle Schoolers need more than they can get from just a 90-minute session on Wednesday nights. That's why we have a Middle School boys' program and a Middle School girls' program.

Young Warriors:

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We want to be holistic in helping boys grow into godly men physically, emotionally and spiritually.  To that end, we created the Young Warriors program.  Young Warriors is a unique program designed to help boys realize their full potential as young men.  We have training sessions, but then also fun events like paintball, laser tag, and other activities that give boys community and mentoring.  We would love for your 6-8th grade son to be involved with us!  Contact Chris Schubert

See the 2017-2018 Young Warrior's Calendar Here


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Girls wanna have fun too!  Our J-Squad girls learn about topics that help them grow into godly women, and then do some cool things as well!  Monthly events include slumber parties, "spa" nights and other fun things combined with teaching on how to become the best women they can be. Contact Lisa Smith and Melissa McColl.

See the 2017-2018 J-Squad Calendar

2016-2017 Middle School Calendar



24 - Wednesday Night | 7 pm | TBD
31 -  Wednesday Night | 7 pm | 8th Grade Goodbye Party (Last meeting before summer break)


3 - Young Warriors | 9 am - 1 pm | Training Ground Pt. 2


22 - All Youth Float Trip - details TBD