Make followers of Christ

Like all organizations these days, Rooftop’s got a mission, a vision, and organizational values.  They help guide what we do.  Here they are:

Our Mission (who we are and what we want to do):

To be followers of Christ who make followers of Christ who make followers of Christ…

Our Vision (a clear description of what we want to become):

The leadership’s vision for Rooftop is to see our church double in size at a central location, so that we can hire additional staff and then start other Rooftops around the St. Louis region that share our unique Rooftop culture and values.

Our Values (the principles which guide our operations):

Teaching that is challenging and creative.
Worship that is energetic and engaging.
Evangelism that is relevant and respectful.
Community that is authentic and accessible.
Service that is supportive and sacrificial.
Prayer that is intimate and informal.