What Jesus Teaches Us About Prayer


In the Bible, Jesus’ disciples ask him to teach them how to pray.  He gives them “The Lord’s Prayer.”  You might know it: Our Father, who is in heaven…

But that’s not the only thing Jesus had to say about prayer.  He had LOTS to say.  Jesus loved praying to his Father in heaven.  And he really wanted his disciples to know how to do the same.  So, aside from the Lord’s Prayer, he gave them all sorts of instructions on how to pray.

This is good news, because prayer is something that we struggle with.  Many of us don’t know how to do it.  Our prayer lives are pretty non-existent.  And when we do pray, we’re not even sure we’re doing it right, and wonder if God is even listening.

Jesus wants to fix that.  He wants his people to know how to pray to a God who really loves us.  Join us at Rooftop from May 29th to June 26th as we learn what else Jesus had to teach his people about prayer.  There’s a lot, and it’s all good.  Come find out.