As a brand-new church, Rooftop would take its service into a park on Easter. 

As a brand-new church, Rooftop would take its service into a park on Easter. 

The Story of Rooftop

In the mid-1990′s, God gave Matt Herndon a dream.

Matt had enjoyed the fruits of a successful campus ministry in Kirksville, Missouri. People heard and believed the Gospel. Lives were changed. The teaching was both challenging and practical. The worship was passionate and exciting. The atmosphere was authentic. People experienced God and He was glorfied. And Matt was convinced that his hometown of St. Louis needed a church like this.

 One of the first Rooftop baptisms - Eric Bergmann - was submerged in a tub on the back of a truck during an outdoor service,

In the winter of 1998, Matt and his wife, Michele, moved to Austin, Texas, for a year long church-planting internship though ELI Church Planting. They returned to St. Louis in the spring of 2000 to find a group of people ready to jump in.

They built a core group of believers.

Friends and family also signed onto Matt’s dream. Finally, on April 15, 2001, Rooftop launched with its first Sunday morning service at the Richmond Heights Community Center. Since then, Rooftop has continued to grow.  Additional staff was hired. Small groups filled up as people shared their lives with others outside of the Sunday service. Ministries were formed to meet growing need.

We relocated to a building in Affton in the summer of 2005. Then moved again to a newly renovated church down the road in Nov. 2016.

God has been faithful, merciful, generous and loving. Ultimately He will be the one to provide us with the next steps we need to shout the message of His love to the people of St. Louis and the rest of the world.