Give your requests to God.

Prayer, which is one of Rooftop's Big Six Values, is the life blood of a real relationship with God. We believe prayer should done in the quiet of your own life. But also as a group. Our prayer team at Rooftop helps people build a better prayer life. They teach us to pray in unique ways - like Black and White Prayers. They evangelize through prayer - like when they hosted a Drive Thru Prayer night. But most of all, they set an example for us as they seek God's will through prayer.

We have two regular prayer meetings at Rooftop. 

  • Every Tuesday | 10 - 11 am | in the Worship Center
  • Wednesday after the 2nd Sunday each month | 7 - 8:30 pm | The Lounge

What Happens at Prayer Meetings? 

It is our hope that attendees will be able to come for the entire meeting, but we encourage people who must, to come late or leave early if necessary. 

  • We open with a couple worship songs – usually led by a Worship Team member. 
  • The leader usually walks us through the “The Four Steps of Prayer” - Praise, Thanksgiving, Silent Confession, and Intersession
  •  We often follow a guide, but like to be flexible and fluid as the Holy Spirit leads.
  • We often end with a worship song.
  •  Often we have time for personal prayer upon request. This also often involves the other attendees “Laying hands” on those being prayed for.  This means that our brothers and sisters in Christ will lightly touch your shoulder or back, and sometimes the top of your head.  This is a biblical practice that is an expression of community, and of the flow of the Holy Spirit.  It is not necessary in order to receive personal prayer.

More Details about our Prayer Team.

Drop in if you need some prayers. Or join the team. Contact Lori Roedder with questions.