Priority Mail: The Letters of Revelation

Some letters are too important to risk not getting through.  Whether it’s important financial documents, legal papers, or heart-felt confessions, you want to make sure the letters get there.

In the book of Revelation, Jesus has a very important message for seven very special churches.  These messages are too important to not get through.  In some cases, it could mean the life or death of their church.  So Jesus sends these letters by priority mail through his apostle John to make absolutely sure those churches get the message.

Those letters aren’t just for the seven churches of Revelation, though.  They’re also for you and I.  Jesus’ words for them are also his words for us, and it’s just as urgent that we get the word.  In some cases, it could mean life or death.

Join us at Rooftop for our study of the seven churches in Revelation, starting October 11.  It’s a Priority Mail delivery from God to you.  Don’t leave it unopened.