RE:build - Lessons from the story of Nehemiah


We live in uncertain times. The political climate is toxic. The threat of violence increases daily. Millions around the world suffer from war, migration and persecution. And then there are our personal struggles with faith, brokenness, and sin we can’t seem to overcome. Honestly, life today seems as troubled as it ever was. 

The Israelites were in the same spot. At one time in their history, they had been conquered by a foreign nation and enslaved by the Babylonians for 70 years. Finally, they were allowed to return to their homeland, which had been decimated. 

That’s when God called His people to REBUILD. He asked a specific man named Nehemiah to lead this effort.  His job was not only to rebuild a wall, but also help God’s people rebuild their faith and nation.

Join us at Rooftop Church in the month of July as we investigate how God led Nehemiah to accomplish what seemed like an impossible task. We’ll discover how Nehemiah’s lessons will help us rebuild the broken parts of our world and our lives today.