How God Brings Us Back from the Brink

The Book key art.png

The Book of Joel is a tiny little book in the Old Testament.  But it contains a big and powerful message. 

The people of Israel had abandoned their unique calling in the world and suffered the devastating consequences of it.  However, God didn’t leave it like that.  He promised to restore Israel to greatness.

And he promises to restore us, as well.  We’ve all been given a special calling by God—a calling we have abandoned so that we can purpose our own selfish desires.  We, too, suffer the consequences of our selfish living.  But God is still committed to us.  He wants to restore us to greatness.

Spend three weeks with us at Rooftop as we study the message of Joel.  It’s a short story about a big God doing what he does best: restoring his people to what they were always meant to be.