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Face the Wrath

Rooftop Reads Romans Part 2

Christians worship a morally perfect and just God.  Just like any human judge would not look tolerantly on human crime, God—in his perfect justice—will not casually ignore the many ways we harm His world, ourselves, and each other.  In fact, God hates those things.

This is the essence of God’s “wrath.”  The book of Romans has a lot to say about the wrath of God.  It’s very bad news for us that God hates and opposes our sin.  But the bad news of God’s wrath is what makes the good news of the gospel so good.  While God is justified in his wrath, he is also gracious and compassionate, making a way for us to be delivered from sin.  While his anger lasts a moment, his mercy lasts forever.

Basically, without understanding the bad news of God’s wrath, we can’t understand the good news of God’s mercy, seen in the sacrifice of Jesus.  This is the message of Romans 1:18-3:20, and part two of our long-running series on Romans.