God’s Playlist:

Psalms for Any Occasion

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The Book of Psalms is the largest book in the Bible.  It’s got 150 chapters, and each chapter contains the lyrics to a song sung by God’s people over the years.

Each song is different, though.  There are songs of joy, songs of thanksgiving, songs of praise.  There are songs of sadness, songs of hope, songs of anger.  Basically, there are songs for every occasion of life.  God gives us these songs because he wants to help us express all the emotions we feel in life.  That’s what the Psalms are good for: taking our emotions to God in a healthy way. 

Join us this summer at Rooftop as we study God’s Playlist, the book of Psalms.  Each week we’re going to look at a different “type” of Psalm, so that we know how to sing a different song for whatever we’re feeling in life.  Whether it’s joy, sorrow, or anger, it’s a song that’s been sung before.


Sermon Schedule:

July 2 - A Song of Praise – Ps. 66
July 9 - A Song of Thanksgiving – Ps. 116
July 16 - A Sorry Song – Ps. 32
July 23 - A Song of Trust – Ps. 62
July 30 - A Royal Song – Ps. 2
August 6 - A Torah Song – Ps. 19
August 13 - A Sad Song – Ps. 88
August 20 - An Angry Song – Ps. 79
August 27 - A Heavenly Song – Ps. 96