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Rooftop Reads Romans Part 1

Centuries ago, Rome was the center of world power, influence and culture. That's why a missionary named Paul made it his goal to share Jesus with the Romans.

Before he could get there, Paul sent ahead a letter to lay the groundwork for the gospel. In it, he told them about the justice and righteousness of God, the trouble with sin, the sacrifice of Jesus, the power of the Spirit, and the power of holy living. The letter he wrote has been passed down to us through history. It’s called, “The Letter to the Romans.”

Not a very catchy title, we’ll admit. But the book is a crucial part of the Bible, and has an incredible amount to teach us about Christianity, and what it means to be followers of Jesus. It’s such an important book that we’re going to spend almost an entire year studying the book, section by section. Starting Sept. 3, we’ll going to jump in headfirst into a study of Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Even if you never get to see Rome, at least you’ll get to hear what the Romans did.