Despite the pain and suffering we encounter in this world, Paul tells us in Romans to look toward our real home with Jesus after he redeems all of creation. Find out more.

Daddy Warbucks showed his love for orphan Annie with a locket. What did God give us when he adopted us as his sons and daughters? Something a whole lot better. Find out more.

Behind the metaphors of wind and fire and breath, what is the Holy Spirit exactly? Find out in this study of Romans 8:9-11.

Jesus promised his followers that he would give them the Holy Spirit to help them lead more righteous lives. But we will still battle the "flesh". What does it mean to live by the spirit and what does it mean to live by the flesh?

In his letter to the Romans, Paul spends the first 7 chapter of telling us why we need Jesus. Now let's talk about a life with Him. It's free, forgiving and full, says Pastor Matt Herndon.

We've Got Spirit

  • 1.
    Our Broken World
  • 2.
    Annie's Locket
  • 3.
    The Spirit Gives Life
  • 4.
    How Will You Live?
  • 5.
    The EFFFects of Gospel
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