Christians shouldn't always look for happiness and hope in every moment. Sometimes it's OK to just be sad, says Pastor Matt Herndon. Find out more.

God is always speaking to us. But do we listen? Pastor Matt uses a psalm about the law or "word of God" to consider how to listen.

The book of Psalms includes several tributes and lamentations about the royal leaders of the day. See how they point to the true king - Jesus - who came much later and captured the world's heart, says Donnie Clinton, Rooftop's pastoral intern.

In the midst of problems and pain, reach to a Psalms for guidance, says Pastor Matt Herndon. Psalms of trust help us work through the storms.

The Psalms offer us a blueprint to say we're sorry. But we can't apologize until we truly understand the depth of the hurt, otherwise known as sin, we have caused. Find out more.

Psalms gives us a template to give thanks to God. Thanking God shapes our attitude, deepens our relationship with God and brings Him glory. Find out how.

Praising God is not an exercise to boost his ego. It's a opportunity for us to know him better. Find out how in a closer look at Psalm 66 with Pastor Matt Herndon. 

God's Playlist

  • 1.
    The Darkness is My Only Friend
  • 2.
    God is Always Speaking
  • 3.
    Song of Royalty
  • 4.
    Everything is Gonna Be Alright
  • 5.
    A Song of Sin and Sorrow
  • 6.
    A Song of Gratitude
  • 7.
    In Praise of Praise
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