Commitment may seem scary to some. But committing can bring great opportunities to grow and learn as a follow of Jesus. Find out how.

Jesus set the best example when he welcomed all sorts of sinners into his circle. What's the best way to be welcoming? Find out now.

We pray for the church as Jesus prayed for the church. Find out how to pray for the C.H.U.R.C.H using Pastor Matt Herndon's mnemonic guide. 

There is no better way to get to know Jesus than to imitate the life of someone who knows him. Find out the best way to follow church leaders as part of our Church: User's Guide series.

It's a powerful thing when people come together to give as a community, accomplishing something great that they could not do on their own. Find out how.

Conflict at church can be uncomfortable but a good opportunity to grow. Find out how Jesus wants us to handle it. 

God designed us in his image to live in relationships. But making friends can be tough and takes time. Want to know how to do it best? Watch Jesus. Find out more.

The Christian church has a long history of shaping our world - mostly for the good. Christian values and projects led to our modern health care, education and democratic systems. Find out what place the church plays in your life. 

The church isn't just a building. It's the people who follow Jesus. In fact, the Bible describes his church lots of ways - a bride, a flock of sheep, a city on the hill. Find out the most notable ways God talks about his church. 

Church: User's Guide

  • 1.
    Committing to the Church
  • 2.
    Welcoming People at Church
  • 3.
    Praying for the Church
  • 4.
    Following Leaders at Church
  • 5.
    Giving to the Church
  • 6.
    Handling Conflict at Church
  • 7.
    How to Make Friends at Church
  • 8.
    Why We All Need Church
  • 9.
    What is the Church?
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