Following Jesus takes a leap of faith. Paul's words in Roman's 9 give us good reasons to trust God in those moments. Find out why.

Paul the apostle, who wrote the book of Romans, says that God elects to prepare some for the glories of heaven. Others, who are not chosen, are headed for destruction. Does that mean some people are destined for hell? What does that mean? Find out more.

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In his mercy, God chooses to save some and not others, because he has ownership over us. Find out more about what that means.

Some wonder why God's chosen people rejected Jesus as the Messiah. In his letter to the Romans, Paul explains that the Jews are descendants of Abraham but not all are actually God's spiritual children. What does that mean for us? Find out. 

Anguish and Hope

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    Leap of Faith
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    The Mango Pop Problem
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    Is God Unfair?
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    Are You A Descendant or A Child?
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