We point to others and mock them for their foolish choices. Yet we ignore our own sins and depravity. Find out what warning Paul gives to us. 

The Bible sometimes tells you things you don't want to hear - like homosexuality is a sin. But Christians can't rewrite God's word to fit their needs. Find out what happens when you want to "have it your way."


If we are not worshiping our Creator, then we humans instead worship the created, Paul told the Romans in his letter. So what happens when we exchange the divine in our lives for idols? Find out.

The love, mercy and grace of God make no sense apart from his wrath. But what is God's wrath and how do we escape it? Find out more during our study of Romans.

Face the Wrath

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    The Stupid Criminal in All of Us
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    Have It Your Way
  • 3.
    A Foolish Exchange
  • 4.
    But First, the Bad News
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