The struggle with sin rages on even after we accept Jesus. So how can we make it easier? We can't. The first step is admitting we are powerless. Find out comes next.

Jesus freed us from the burden of following the Old Testament law. But the law is still good to follow because it protects us and gives us boundaries. How do you balance both? That is the gospel. Find out more.

Jesus came to abolish the law. But many of us still live under it. Are you making up your own laws or are you really free? Find out more.

Jesus' death and resurrection is better than any Hollywood ending. It means we get to live a new life filled with love and grace from God. But how do you live like that everyday? How do you hold onto that feeling? Find out.

Movie makers love their hero to come back from the dead. But Jesus' resurrection was more than a good story. His come back brings new life to us. Find out how.

God seems to have given Christians a free pass to sin when he offered forgiveness through Jesus' death on the cross. Not so, says Pastor Matt Herndon. Find out why the struggle with sin is real. 

The Struggle is Real

  • 1.
    The War Inside
  • 2.
    Utterly Sinful Lawbreakers Like Us
  • 3.
    Jesus, The Law, and Officer McShane
  • 4.
    Hold Onto "Better Than A Hollywood Ending"
  • 5.
    Even Better than a Hollywood Ending
  • 6.
    The Struggle is Real
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