Grace always wins. No matter how big the trespass (otherwise known as sin), Jesus' gift of grace and mercy is bigger. How much bigger? Find out.

Adam ruined everything the day he ate from the tree. He brought sin and death into the world. But Jesus restored humanity through his gift of grace. Find what that means from Pastor Matt Herndon.

The Bible says that Adam brought sin into this world in the Garden of Eden when he disobeyed God. Centuries later as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus chose to free humanity from that sin. Paul compares the two in Romans. Find out what it means for us.

Even when we were enemies of God, he had our back. He loved us and died for us. What does it look like to live as if Jesus is always in your corner? Find out. 

Most people run from danger rather than towards it. That's why Paul tells the Romans that it's rare for someone to die for another - let alone a sinner. But that's what Jesus did. Find out why.

Six Rooftoppers join Pastor Matt to talk about how they persevered through suffering, which Paul reminds us in his letter to Roman brings character and hope. Check out their stories.

(First service: Lauren Meadows, Brett Delmez and Chris Charles)

(Second service: Nancy Vermette, Kevin Harmann and Paul Colbert)

Adapting to freedom can be a struggle especially if someone has been captive for a long time. What does freedom look like after Jesus lifts the burden of sin? Find out.

Faith in Jesus can work like a defibrillator - shock life back into a body that is dead. That's what Paul told the Romans in his letter. Find out what that means for you and me today.

The gospel - Jesus' death and resurrection - not only brings salvation to all who believe. It also creates families. Find out how as we continue our study in Romans 4.

People often believe that they can work their way into heaven. The first century Romans thought that too, which is why the apostle Paul wrote to them. Find out what he had to say.

Faith is not belief in the unseen or unbelievable. It's a belief that what God had accomplished and revealed in Christ is worth our trust and commitment. Find out what that means for you.

After a long explanation in his letter to the Romans about sin and judgement, the apostle Paul finally gets to some good news. It's not just good, it's the best news - Jesus. Find out more.

Faith Alone

  • 1.
    The Super-Abounding Increase of Grace
  • 2.
    Adam Ruins Everything ...
  • 3.
    Two Gardens
  • 4.
    Rohan Will Answer
  • 5.
    Who Would Die for You
  • 6.
    Voices from the Rooftop: Persevering through Suffering
  • 7.
    Life After Shawshank
  • 8.
    God's Defibrillator
  • 9.
    The Family of Faith - Like it or Not
  • 10.
    Can't Work for Food
  • 11.
    The Upshot of Faith
  • 12.
    Finally, Some Good News
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