God shares his mission throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The mission is meant to reach all peoples of all the world. Find out what it is from special guest speaker, Dr. Todd Ahrend.

Missionary Gary Barnes, executive director of World Changers International, said God blesses His people so that they, in turn, can become blessings. Find out how.

Roland Ashby, founder of Strategic Alliance Ministries, shares how God called him to sell everything and give his life to sharing the Gospel and love with the poorest in Mexico. 

2014-04-27 - Guest Speaker Dr. Greg Perry says global missions begins when people truely understand that Jesus was grace with skin on.

Global Outreach Sunday

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    The Mission of God
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    Global Outreach Sunday
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    Global Outreach Sunday: "I Can't Go Back"
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    Grace With Skin On
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