Jesus for President - While experience doesn't seem a priority for voters selecting a president, prior leadership roles help politicians understand how best to approach the job. Jesus' experience both as a divine authority as well as a human give him the best perspective to lead us through good times and bad. Find out how.

Fiscal responsibility may seem like boring topic in a presidential campaign, but the way a leader handled money matters. Jesus talked about money more than most other subjects. Find out what he said.

A true leader is also one who can serve humbly. Jesus, the creator of the universe, showed us more than any other leader, how to humble ourselves and serve others. Find out how.

American love to vote for the action hero candidate - those who fought bravely on the battlefield and in the political arena. Jesus' courage to battle evil came with confidence that he was following the will of His father. Find out how you can have the same courage.

Communicating vision is what set Ronald Reagan apart from many presidents. But Jesus of Nazareth, also known as The Word, also captured people's attention like none other with his language. Find out how.

Leading people takes great knowledge and wisdom - two characteristics we seek in presidential candidates. But God expects the same of us - to love him with all our minds as well as our hearts. Find out how.

Presidents who show compassion are more likely to get the support of voters. Jesus clearly demonstrated that he understood suffering, empathized and took action to help. Find out how you can do the same.

Character and integrity may be the most important quality of a leader. Jesus displayed his in unique ways. Find out how.

Jesus came to Earth as the ultimate political outsider - clashing against the rulers of the time. Yet the salvation he offers can turn anyone into an insider in heaven. Find out how.

While politicians make bold promises like more jobs, fewer taxes and a safer world , they don't really have the leadership skills to actually make your life better - let alone to save it. Find out more.

Jesus for President

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    Experience Matters?
  • 2.
    Money Matters
  • 3.
    Things Humble People Say
  • 4.
    Courage of Christ
  • 5.
    The Great Persuader
  • 6.
    Knowledge and Wisdom
  • 7.
    The Bowels of Compassion
  • 8.
    Character and Integrity
  • 9.
    The Ultimate Outsider
  • 10.
    Leasdership: From Here to There
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