Discover the four criteria for the perfect gift for a loved one and how Jesus met each one. 

Pain may seem like a cruel gift from God. But the reality is pain improves our lives. Find out how.

Making difficult decisions can be hard but with guidance and confidence from God we can make wise choices. Pastor Matt explains one of the many gifts that God has given us: wisdom. 

The gift of salvation should blow us away everyday like the awesome Omega Supreme toy that Pastor Jeremy Zilkie found under the tree one Christmas as a boy. But many of us act like God gave us a sweater. Find out more.

One of the best gifts that God gave to his people was the Holy Spirit. But this elusive present can be hard to open. Find out how.

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    The Perfect Gift of Jesus
  • 2.
    The Gift of Pain
  • 3.
    The Gift of Wisdom
  • 4.
    The Gift of Salvation
  • 5.
    The Gift of the Holy Spirit
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