Justin Timberlake describes a perfect kind of love in Not A Bad Thing - just like the love that God offers to everyone through His son, Jesus. Pastor Matt Herndon describes how JT got it right.

In the Imagine Dragons song Demons, the songwriter warns someone to stay away from the demons that hide inside. While we all carry around "demons" - also known as sin - Jesus gave us instructions on how to battle them. Matt Herndon shares this plan as part of the Rooftop on the Radio series.

Lead singer Hayley Williams of Paramore wrote the song Ain't It Fun as a letter to remind herself that the real world was tough. Jesus also warned his disciples about the trappings of the real world. Learn what advice he gave his followers.

OneRepublic's front man Ryan Tedder wrote Counting Stars recalling the days when his family struggled financially and were dreaming of better times. Pastor Matt Herndon says it's a good reminder to count our blessings but remember what is the truest blessing - grace.

2014-07-27 Ellie Goulding's son Burn talks about shining a light. Jeremy Zilkie says Christians are called to be that light to bring glory to God. Find out how.

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