As a hot-button topic in today's society, we all have a lot to say about the LGBT community. Pastor Matt shares with us what the Bible says about homosexuality, the importance of TRUTH and LOVE, and what this really says about us.

While women in the Bible seem to be treated as subjects instead of equals, God treasures them as his precious daughters. But do we? Find out.

Modern day Jihadists are not the first people group to launch a Holy War. The Israelites in the old testament slaughtered men, women and children at God's direction. So how do Christians reconcile the vengeful God of the Old Testament with the Prince of Peace in of the New Testament? 

On occasions the Bible's authors recorded what seems to be the same event with different details. Does that mean the Bible has errors? How are we suppose to respond when we find what seem to be contradictions? Find out.

It's an important question that seems obvious. But some Christians don't understand that both are promises from God. What does that mean? Find out.

How should we read the challenging ideas from the Bible? Pastor Matt Herndon says the Bible is God's word, not our translation of it. Find out his take on how to read the Bible.

The Bible is not a mystic ancient text that is impossible to understand. God wants us to not just read it, but digest it and let it transform us. Find out how.

People today take for granted the easy access we have to the Bible. Centuries ago Christians risked their life and reputation to share copies of the rare writings. Some devoted their lives to hand copying God's words for others to read. What does this mean for us? Find out.

Kings, prophets, tradesmen, and visionaries pinned the Bible over centuries in different languages and styles. But God inspired each. Find out how and why we know this to be true.

The Bible is the most important book ever written. Why? Because in it, God reveals to us everything we'll ever need to know about Him and how to follow him. Find out more from Pastor Jeremy Zilkie.

The Book

  • 1.
    Isn't the Bible Anti-Gay?
  • 2.
    Isn't the Bible Anti-Woman?
  • 3.
    Isn't the Bible Filled With Violence?
  • 4.
    Aren't There Contradictions in the Bible?
  • 5.
    Why Are There Two Parts to the Bible?
  • 6.
    Should We Read the Bible Literally
  • 7.
    How Should We Interpret the Bible?
  • 8.
    How Did We Get the Bible?
  • 9.
    Who Wrote the Bible?
  • 10.
    Why is the Bible So Important?
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