Events Team

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Name & General Description of Role – Events Team Member. Create, plan and execute church-wide events at Rooftop for the purpose of building community and creating opportunities for evangelism. We're the little elves who help create great church memories at events such as Joyfest, Trivia Night, Summerfest and the Bowling Bash. Team members can take on a little or a lot of responsibility in each event. 

Commitment Requirements – Roles are available to fit your time and talents. The team meets about once a month with most assignments to do on your own time leading up to an event. Team members are expected to work at most Rooftop’s four church-wide events a year. 

Gifts, Passions, Skills – Hospitality, Administration, Creativity, Serving. This is a job for anyone who loves to throw parties. For both behind-the-scenes and life-of-the-party kind of people.

Leader - Beth Bowden

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