Hospitality Team


General Description of Role – Hospitality Team Member.  Contribute to Rooftop’s warm and welcoming environment by providing coffee and bagels for Sunday morning Services and helping keep areas tidy and clean during services.

Commitment Requirements - Typically once a month for either 1st or 2nd service.   1st service needs to stop by St. Louis Bread Co. (1/2 mile away) to pick up Bagels then brew and  maintain coffee throughout 1st service.   2nd service needs to maintain coffee throughout 2nd service and cleanup bagel/coffee area including changing full trash bins.  Approximately 2 hour time commitment once a month.

Gifts, Passion & Skills  - No special skills necessary, just the desire to serve the Rooftop community and willingness to clean up before or after each service.  (Preferably no coffee or bagel allergies!)

Leaders - Mike and Nancy Hicks

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