Prayer Team


Name & General Description - Team PRAY Member.  Members believe that prayer is the blood flowing through the spiritual life of all believers, and the life of the Church.   We try to promote prayer at Rooftop by providing quality opportunities to individuals and groups to pray.  Each team member has an area of responsibility towards the administration of the prayer ministry leadership team, as well as contributes in carrying out special events.  You are responsible for the direction and leadership of the prayer ministry, and are asked to read a Book called Live a Praying Life, By Jennifer Kennedy Dean.

Commitment Requirements: Time varies according to the need for prayer: Being available for personal prayer ministry; being members of the iPray Team; taking turns leading prayer meetings & leadership team meetings; being committed to growth in your personal prayer life;  reading a book on prayer; and being a part of the iPray Team 

Gifts, Passion, and Skills: A Passion for prayer and people.   Gifts of Faith, mercy, and compassion, and a teachable spirit are looked for.  Faithful to the call of an intercessor is expected.  Skilled at being a Team player and email availability.

Leader - Lori Buechler

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