Women's Ministry Team

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Name & General Description – Women's Ministry Team Member. We are here to serve our fellow sisters in Christ and love on all women, whether they know Christ yet or not. We host a variety of events throughout the year designed to deepen relationships with each other and with God. We also have a women's prayer team and are committed to shepherding/mentoring to develop leadership and spiritual maturity in the women of Rooftop.

Commitment Requirements – Time varies based on the events/initiatives we have coming up. We meet monthly on the second Sunday of the month after 2nd service. Team members can choose varying levels of commitment throughout the year, though checking and responding to email (or voice mails) regularly is pretty important. The team tries to capitalize on the availability and passions of each team member in planning the events/initiatives.

Gifts, Passions, Skills – Hospitality, mercy, prayer, teaching, shepherding, administration, and service are all very useful, and many other gifts would enhance the team too. Creativity, playfulness, joy, and teamwork are all present with this group of ladies!

Leader - Tenley McHarg

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