Shine: Women's Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

See here for a list of common questions; if you have one that isn't listed here, please fill out the form at the bottom and we'll get you an answer as quickly as we can. 
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When is this year's retreat?

The core programming of the retreat is Friday May 6, 7pmthrough Saturday May 7, 9pm. For those desiring a bit more time to reflect and connect with the Lord, there is also the option to stay through Sunday at noon.

In honor of Mother's Day weekend, we invite you to bring your mother or your daughter and share the weekend with her! We will be offering a discounted rate for mother/daughter guests; please register her on your own registration in order to qualify for the discount.

Do I have to be able to attend the whole weekend to participate?

No! We have designed this retreat to be flexible to allow as many women as possible to attend, so you will have multiple options for registering:

  • One night (Friday to Saturday)  (7:00 pm Friday through 9:00 pm Saturday) 
  • Saturday only (8:30 am to 9:00 pm Saturday) 
  • Two nights (Friday to Sunday) (7:00 pm Friday through 12 noon Sunday) 

We encourage you to stay one or both of the nights if you can, as we have lots of fun things planned and we know the extra time away with your sisters will bless you! We are asking everyone who attends to at least join us from 8:30 am - 9:00 pm on Saturday. If you have questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to email us at 

How much does it cost?

We have tried to keep the retreat as economical as possible while still being able to treat you well and make you feel special.

Here are the cost breakdowns for early bird registration:

  • One night (Friday to Saturday): $90
  • Saturday day only: $60
  • Both nights (Friday to Sunday): $110

Please don't let cost keep you from participating the way you would like to; if cost may be a concern for you, please contact Tenley directly in person or at before registering and we will make sure you are taken care of. 


What are my payment options?

After submitting the registration form, you will have the option of paying electronically (through Rooftop's Online Portal) or paying by cash or check. If you choose to pay by cash or check (made out to Rooftop Church), please make sure you hand deliver to Tenley McHarg at church on Sunday, or mail it in to Rooftop clearly marked as "Women's Retreat". DO NOT put it in the offering bag on Sunday.

Are scholarships available?

Full and partial scholarships are available. Please don't let cost be a barrier to attending; contact Tenley directly in person or at before registering and we will make sure you are taken care of! 

When is the registration deadline?

Registration will be open until Friday, April 22. We strongly encourage you to register as early as possible, as this is a hard deadline and we would hate for you to forget to register and miss out.

The retreat is Mother's Day weekend; can I invite my mom or daughter to come with me?

Definitely! This weekend is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your relationship beyond what might otherwise be just a short couple of hours on a Sunday. There will be lots of fun opportunities to grow together, and it will be a weekend you both remember for a long time. Mothers and daughters who register together get a discount of up to half off for the second registration. 

Please register your mother or daughter in the provided fields on your own registration to qualify for the discount. When paying online, you will have the option to add the second registration; if paying by check or cash, please include both registrations in the same payment.

The rates for the second registration are available until April 22, and are as follows:

  • One night (Friday to Saturday): $45
  • Saturday day only: $30
  • Both nights (Friday to Sunday): $55

Can I invite my friend to come with me?

Yes! Please feel free to forward the retreat information to any woman in your life who wants to learn more about our sovereign, miraculous, and loving God and spend time with some beautiful sisters. She does NOT need to attend Rooftop to be able to attend this retreat. God loves all women and we do too! This year we already know that women from other churches will be joining us so we are designing the weekend to be open and friendly to all, regardless of church home, denomination, or stage in her journey. Additionally, women need not be believers to attend; we love seekers and those who are questioning too.

What is this year's theme?

This year we are calling the retreat "Shine".  

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ~ John 1:5

So often, when darkness is all we see, we can become discouraged. And yet – in the midst of darkness, light shines the brightest. This weekend is dedicated to exploring how light defeats the darkness, and specifically how the Lord has given YOU a light to shine in the darkness of this world. You will get to explore this from many angles: through prayer, worship, fellowship with sisters, quiet times of reflection, and even art making! This will be a new kind of retreat for those who have attended Rooftop’s retreats in the past, and we invite all women to join us for a time away to grow closer to God, each other, and who God has designed each of us to be: bearers of His light.

Where is the retreat being held?

This year we will be at Camp Mihaska Retreat & Conference Center, located on Highway N in Bourbon, MO, just over an hour's drive from Rooftop. You can check out some photos on their facebook page:

This is the same location of last two retreats, and we hope you are as excited to return as we are! You will have time to enjoy the beautiful grounds of the camp during free time, so you may want to see below for our list of suggested items to bring so you can be prepared for the charming and rustic, yet comfortable, nature of the camp.

What is the basic schedule for the weekend?

While we are keeping some of the details a surprise for you (!), here is the basic schedule for the weekend (still subject to change):

Friday 6-9 pm: Arrival & registration, opening night session

Friday 9 pm-?: Free time

Saturday 8 am-12 pm: Breakfast, registration for Saturday-only attendees, morning session 

Saturday 12-5:30 pm: Lunch, afternoon session, free time

Saturday 5:30-9 pm: Dinner, evening worship session

Saturday 9 pm: end of formal programming

Sunday 8:30 am-12 pm: Breakfast, fellowship and free time

Sunday 12 noon: End of retreat

Will I be able to carpool with someone?

Yes. Please indicate your interest on the appropriate section of the registration form.

What do I need to bring?

We will be sending out a more detailed packing list to all those who register. For now, know that you do not need to dress up -- we encourage you to wear comfortable clothes. You may also bring a swimsuit (!). Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed, so please do not bring any of those, though you may bring your own snacks. Many women have wished they had brought a flashlight, so be sure to pack one of those. More details coming later!

Can I make song requests or have input on activities?

Absolutely! You may enter this on your registration form, or you may email requests to Please make sure the lyrics of any songs you send are clean and empowering. And while some activities may not be possible, we do treasure your thoughts as we design this retreat for y

How do I nominate someone for the "Shine In The Darkness" award?

Is there a woman at Rooftop that is standing strong & shining bright through difficult times? How about a sister that has helped in the background for so long without any recognition & you want her to be celebrated? Or a friend that has helped you through a dark time by being a light to you? You will find a place to make a nomination on the registration form, or you may email your nomination to Please be sure to include a short explanation for your nomination. Nominations are due by Friday, April 22.

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