Our Team

God’s really in charge around here. We don’t get to sit in on the Trinity’s board meetings or anything, but we read His memos (that’s the Bible), spend a lot of time praying for His leadership, and try to execute His will. Here are the teams at Rooftop working for Him ...


Rooftop is an elder-led church.  The congregation elects a group of guys that handle most of the big decisions, like staffing, vision, theology, and helping clean up big church messes.  There can be anywhere between 3 and 12 elders, all of whom are elected to two-year terms.  The pastor does serve on the elder team, but is the only staff member that can. Elder Team FAQs


The staff is led by Matt Herndon, the Lead Pastor, and includes those at Rooftop who are paid to serve the church.  This includes a couple pastors and an administrator, all of whom, as part of their job, oversee other leaders and volunteers. 


In the Bible there are servant-leaders who are busy serving the church community.  They’re called “deacons.”  Rooftop’s got a large deacon team that is approved by the elders and led by the staff.  The deacon team includes small group deacons who lead small groups.  The team also includes ministry deacons who lead service teams like the cleaning crew, treasury team, and children’s ministry.